Our VSplash team will work with you to create a water play environment that meets your community's needs.

Our experience includes creating designs for sand and nature play, traditional splash park features, water park design, and full re-circulating/re-use water system design.

Our team works hard to ensure even the smallest park feature provides the play value and aesthetic appeal required to keep any splash park facility fun and exciting.

Our design approach places a strong focus on movement.

Circulation through the park encourages fast and exciting play, while the movement of water through recirculation systems and bio-infiltration channels ensure environmental integrity.

Our multi-disciplinary firm consists of landscape architects, civil engineers, and mechanical design technicians that have extensive experience in the aquatic design industry. Our designers have assisted on splash park designs and construction processes across all regions of Canada, the USA, and Asia. These designs range from the basic splash pad to fully-integrated water play systems and play areas.

VSplash's goal is to assist our clients in navigating the process of taking a splash park from idea to implementation. This process includes the creation of a concept plan that excites the client and the community, the technical drawing creation for construction, the Health permitting and approvals process, and ultimately seeing the park built and opened. Our team will assist you throughout this process to ensure opening day is a celebration for our clients and their community.

We are here to help you realize community goals. Let us work together with you to take your aquatic play space from concept through to commissioning.