Our Service Offerings


The following services may be purchased independently or as a part of an overall design package.

Typical Project Process

  • Site Investigation/Feasibility Services:
  • Site visit with client
  • Review of survey and site servicing (survey provided by client)
  • Recommendations of infrastructure requirements and improvements
  • Review of local codes and requirements
  • Preliminary budgeting discussions

Concept Design Services

  • Conceptual site plan and layout
  • Toy layout and selection
  • Sections and Elevations
  • Fund raising graphics
  • Council and grant application graphics
  • *samples available upon request

Issue for Health Authority Services

  • Professional engineer sealed drawings
  • Professional engineer sealed Health Authority Forms
  • Mechanical designer review of supplier systems

Construction Oversight Services

  • Issue for Construction drawings
  • Recommendation of award
  • Contract changes (CCO, CO, SI)
  • (3) Site reviews during construction includes substantial and deficiency list
  • Final completion review

Commissioning Services

  • Start-up of controller and initial programming
  • Training of all staff and park operators including class session followed by hands-on, onsite training
  • Commissioning including full documentation of all start-up procedures and checklists
  • Meeting with Health Authorities for final construction permit and operation approval
  • Commissioning elements for recirculating water systems including: filling sand filters, ensuring holding tank is full of clean, potable water, priming pump, filtering water, adding chemicals and programming chemical.

Additional Services Provided

For all additional services call VSplash for a quote and further description of services.

Municipal Splash Park Master Planning

  • Review condition of existing parks
  • Conduct study of demographics, population growth,
  • Site specific hydrological models
  • Develop 5-10 year Municipal Splash Park Master Plan
  • Develop Park Asset Management protocols

Project Management

  • Project oversight and coordination
  • Create / review project specifications
  • Review & integration of project design and drawings
  • Construction scheduling & coordination

Splash Park Additional Design Elements

  • Safety surfacing options
  • Sand play and playground features
  • Irrigation water re-use systems
  • Bio-swale design

Interactive Water Features

  • Controller programming
  • Internet service connection verification
  • Training on application interaction and park usage

Re-circulating System Additional Design

  • System housing options
  • Phasing programming and park expansion
  • Tank design and options
  • System winterization and spring activation